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Clarify your vision, strategy and plan, then put it into action.
Which is your focus area?

Engineering Business Growth is committed to helping micro and small business owners to achieve their business ambition.

To grow or not to grow? 

Growth does not mean the same thing to every business.  For some it’s rapid and/or expansive and for others it just means better, different, more or less  in some way.  It’s very much dependent on your business and life ambitions.

However these changes usually involve winning more customers, increasing your infrastructure to service them and dealing with a growing cash requirement to fund your desired growth.

It is vital that you invest sufficient time to consider what you want and how you are going to make that happen in your business.

If you have a tight operating budget and need someone to bounce ideas off and to help guide your sales process, this is a great starting place.  EBG are great at sales strategy and I recommend their services. 

Kevin Treharne

Director, Entec Access Systems Ltd

How can we help?

We work with micro and small Business Owners and Directors to help them successfully engineer their next business growth phase.

Whether you need to improve your marketing, increase sales, finance growth, develop the team, systems and processes to build capacity to grow, we can help to create a plan for growth and then support you to implement that plan.

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Are You Hitting Obstacles To Growth?

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Who are we?

Engineering Business Growth is a Merton based coaching, training and consultancy business. We work mainly with Businesses in Merton and the surrounding Boroughs, Central London and Surrey.

However we do have clients in other areas of London and further afield. We like hearing from any Micro or Small Business that is ambitious and wants to grow, regardless of location or budget.

Do you need to get your “ducks in a row?”

Here at Engineering Business Growth we’re all about helping our clients get their “ducks in a row”.  But why do ducks swim in a row and why do you need to get your “ducks in a row” as a Small Business Owner?  Find our more on this video blog…

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