About Engineering Business Growth

Between us we have a combine experience of over 50 years of experience in Business related consultancy, training and coaching.  We share similar frustrations around how poor these services can be in terms of generating actual bottom line results.  So we have a shared passion for delivering these services in a way that breaks through the cynicism that has developed over time and give consultancy, training and coaching that works.

What does this mean for you?

It means all of our masterclasses, implementation programmes and individual growth services have one chief aim, to trigger the right action to get you the results you want.  So you can be confident that you are making a wise investment of your time and money.  Remember, your success is our success.  We want you to rave about us!


Engineering Business Growth is a trading name of Future Inspired Ltd.

Future Inspired was set up by Beverley Corson in 2009, who had spent 12 years working with world-class approaches to people development and performance improvement in the business world. This included working with Brian Tracy, working in a global leadership development company and other highly respected business training providers.  Beverley wanted to draw upon all of her learning of what works and what doesn’t, and what people want and don’t want, to bring you an approach that is inspiring and works.

Beverley has since joined forces with Robert Copping and Helena Holrick who are absolute experts in Business Growth Coaching, Consultancy and Training.  Together they launched the Engineering Business Growth brand in 2013.

At the core of all of the Business Growth services we offer is “The Heart of Business Success” which is a powerful business growth model designed by Robert Copping as can be seen in the book “The Heart of Business Success – How to overcome the Catch-22’s of Growing Your Business”.

Clients have included Business Owners and Directors in Learning & Development, Recruitment, Construction, Entertainment, Finance, Technology, Marketing, Retail, Hospitality & Catering, Law (and more).

We have a team of coaches who are all business owners in their own right, have extensive experience and relevant accreditation so we work to industry standards and code of ethics.

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