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Over the years, since 2009, we have worked with clients from many types of business:

Recruitment,  Construction,  Property Maintenance services, Real Estate,  Entertainment,  Finance,  IT & Technology,  Online & Offline Marketing,  Health & Fitness,  Direct Sales,  Photography, Innovative Products, Restaurants/cafes, Leadership Development, Travel agents

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As an established business we found this invaluable in planning both the mid and long term strategy for the company.

We now have a very clear vision for the future growth of 3MIL and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Engineering Business Growth’s services to anyone looking to grow their business.

Ian Lowe

Director, 3MIL

Working with Engineering Business Growth for over a year has had a massive impact on my business. I can see a way forward now and how the business is going to operate and the structure we need to put in place.

I have aims and goals now rather than panic. I can see progress in increased monthly turnover and in having more of the key structures in place to support the existing growth and enable more. I feel far less stressed about the whole process.

Richard Gamble Frost

Owner, G.F.Fire Solutions

“EBG have helped us see where we want to get to and what we need to do to get here. They’re great at asking questions that uncover the vision and values behind everything. And then helping you figure out how you’re going put that into action to achieve what it is you want to accomplish.”

Paul Sturrock

Sixty Eight Feet Web and Print Design

EBG are fantastic at Business Coaching and strategy. They make you look deep inside to discover why it is you do what you do and what motivates you in order to create a strategy to grow your business. Things came up that I hadn’t thought about in years and re-energised me to work to increase my business.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.”

Matt Tamayo

Myerson - Travel Counsellors

“We are thrilled to have just won “Best SME” at the Kingston Business awards, thank you very much for your recent coaching and support.”

In particular I would recommend the “Strategy on a Page” exercise to any business owner, as this is the best method I have seen of getting the business plan on to a one page usable document that you can then have to stay focused on what you need to do to take your business to the next level.”

Chris Poore

Owner, Kingston Mortgage Services

Having added 2 Directors to the top management team to manage and help growth and increase in size we needed to be sure that we are all working towards an agreed strategic direction as it became obvious we needed to determine where we wanted to be and when, in our case doubling turnover over a 5 year period.

Once we determined we were on the same page we were able to set our targets out and establish Business Growth Indicators to measure our progress.

Taking time to do this was the hardest decision, there is always something to do, we knew that we need to plan but to be honest this would not have happened without Bryan and Beverley’s encouragement and leadership.

We now feel focused on where we are headed and how we intend to get there and all successfully implementing our plans across the business.

David Lodge

Director, Beaver Pest Control

“When we were buying the service at Engineering Business Growth we were hoping to achieve a structured marketing plan to enable us to grow our business and target specific markets rather than just ‘doing marketing’ and hoping for the best.

As a result of the service we have now got a clear USP, clear guidelines for converting customers who are not quite sure whether they want to use us for their project and a structured marketing plan that we can replicate with other target markets.

We specifically liked it that the marketing strategy can be replicated for other target markets and is really simple and easy to do.

There is lots of support both within the session and between sessions.

The service really helps you to focus on the structure of your marketing as well as looking at tweaks within your business to make small incremental improvements.

The service is delivered in a relaxed format and is really flexible so you can prioritise on the parts of the business that need to be focused on first and come back to the other parts later on

I would thoroughly recommend Engineering Business Growth.  We have really enjoyed the sessions we have had with her and it has really helped us to focus on what needs to be done within the business in order to increase sales and therefore profit.

We have been extremely impressed with the whole experience we have received and feel that it has represented excellent value for money”.Stephen Taylor – Taylored Room Solutions Ltd

Stephen Taylor

Taylored Room Solutions Ltd

“My company, Hannibal Brown Wines, recently undertook a series of training sessions with Beverley Corson and Bryan Charter of Engineering Business Growth.  

Bryan and Bev’s understanding of our business needs and their advice and support in helping us forge a new direction have been hugely valuable.  Their ability and methods of working swiftly and efficiently have meant that we have seen results fast.  They work with integrity at all times.

We will continue to use Engineering Business Growth and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Pamela Gregory

Hannibal Brown Wines Ltd

“We had two great sessions with Engineering Business Growth. We are launching a new angle to the business and they really helped us get a solid plan in place for forging ahead with this year. I’d definitely recommend Beverley to other businesses who are looking to grow.”

Jude King

Hannibal Brown

“If you need someone to bounce ideas off and to help guide your sales process, I’d recommend EBG.  They also helped us make key decisions that had a significant impact on our growth.  We have since nearly doubled in turnover.”

Keving Treharne

Director, Entec Access Systems Ltd

“I hired EBG for Business & Marketing Coaching to help me get my business back on track. I had been through a lean period during which I had lost my way and I wasn’t sure what direction to take. I needed to re-evaluate what the purpose of my business was, and going forward it was important to make sure it was aligned with my life goals.

I was pretty demotivated when we met, and found I wasn’t comfortable talking about what I do because of the number of different types of photography I do. I was confused myself so confused others too. My coach was so enthusiastic from the start that I immediately found myself in a better place fro where I’d been beforehand.

I realised that I didn’t have the right foundations in place to build on, and without clearly defined target markets and market specific marketing strategies, campaigns and communications I wasn’t going anywhere. This is where EBG’s knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm were invaluable.
Together we stripped it right back to the basics and built a plan so I now know what I need to do each day. I’m now in a much better place, working with EBG has helped enormously”.

Paul Tanner

The Occasional Press

“EBG are highly skilled professionals providing training and developing Business Plans for a wide variety of clients. I was introduced to them for developing a comprehensive Business Plan for moving our business forward. They have been very detailed-oriented and it has been a great pleasure to work with them.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for training and to develop their business in order to achieve their full potential. Upon finalising the business Plan, they have continued to give support in every way possible in order for us to move forward and get our business and products in front of the right people; by passing on information and introducing new people from their networks.”

Rose Latchman-Bloom

MBR UVC Lights Products Ltd

“I highly recommend EBG for leadership coaching. Our coaching relationship began in June 2009 and the focus in our sessions has afforded me the opportunity to develop my personal, leadership and team visions to good effect.

Having a team of over 70, I have benefited from our coaching by being able to shift my focus away from the day-to-day detail towards a broader outlook and a more forward-facing orientation.

I have been challenged, asked to think about things differently and encouraged to be resourceful in sessions that have a lasting impact.”

Craig Elliott

Network Rail

“Earlier this year I was told about the 1-2-1 Coaching services from Bryan Charter at the Engineering Business Growth”

I was skeptical about 1-2-1 coaching, thinking the concept of it was very north American and not really my style.

However, as my business was starting to veer into an unmanageable direction, I needed to do something, and I often found myself not having access to impartial and confidential advice, which I am sure a lot of business owners feel at various points of their career.

The best way to explain the value of Bryan’s coaching, is that I didn’t actually realise how much I needed it until I began engaging it. 

I regularly told Bryan the sessions I had with him felt more like counselling sessions because I was able to bring to the surface a lot of the built-up, and suppressed stress I had accumulated along the business journey which is often filled with unpredictable highs and lows, and regular waves of emotions, and dark periods of isolation.

I was able to tell Bryan a lot of things that I can’t tell my clients, colleagues, the Dingoes, and even friends and family. From the very start, the sessions felt totally non-judgemental, impartial and most importantly for me, practical and relevant to improving my business. 

The sessions go for two hours, and the time just flies.

If you ever doubted the power of working on your business instead of in your business, after a coaching session with Bryan you will have all doubts removed. 

Having access to such well-connected and astute business coach like Bryan gives people an almost unfair advantage on their competitors. 

I would strongly urge any business owner to book in a 1-2-1 coaching session with Bryan from Engineering Business Growth as it’s been one of the best decisions I have made.” 

David Field

Dingo Recruitment

“Bryan has provided me with a clear set of goals to develop my business so that I can achieve targets set.

Bryan’s ability to understand a business quickly and identify the areas for improvement is impressive and I would recommend other businesses to use Bryan to develop and move their company forward.

Thank you Bryan for your clear and constructive guidance.”

Ed Creasey

St. James's Place Wealth Management

“Thank you for such a thought provoking day! I took away some good suggestions from fellow attendees with regards to issues in my business along with a sense of focus for what is needed for my businesses in the coming months to achieve my end goals. A very well run event indeed and I would recommend any business owner who is serious about wanting to achieve their own goals. Congratulations!

Mr. S Parker


“From all the team at Kingston Mortgages we wanted to offer thanks for all your help and assistance during our recent business coaching sessions.

Your support and guidance has undoubtably improved our focus and productivity as a team. By keeping us on track using weekly goals, targets and holding us accountable we have already been able to implement several improvements which are moving the business forward.

For us, taking dedicated time out to discuss and work on improving the business has proven invaluable, and in all honestly seems not to happen without your positive influence.

I would say to anyone with aspirations for their business, speak to Bryan at Engineering Business Growth – let him help you get under the bonnet of your business for a tune up, what have you got to lose!”

Noel Baker

Kingston Mortgage Services Limited

“I just wanted to thank Engineering Business Growth for great Masterclass session last week. It was really refreshing to spend some valuable time looking at my business from a broad perspective and it gave me a good sense of what I need to do to grow further in 2019. The day was full of positive energy and appropriate mindset and I will recommend Bryan’s Masterclass to every business owner and personally I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Martin Piekarz

SP CAD Drawing Services

“I have been working with Bryan Charter for the past 2 years. Bryan has helped my business set goals and achieve the targets we set. Even though I set what I thought was a higher target than I expected to achieve, Bryan has helped me achieve every single goal and more.

Working with Engineering Business Growth has given me a monthly focus and has improved my business profit and efficiency by over 20%. 

I would highly recommend Bryan to any business that needs to set targets, grow and focus on achievement.”

David Grady

The Wood Flooring Shop

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