Our mission is to empower and equip SME Business Owners to “engineer” growth and success in their business, improve their lives and make their difference in the world.

Our approach:

We have a two-pronged approach to all our client delivery:

  1. Developing the mindset, behaviour and skills required to successfully LEAD your business through your next growth phase (whatever that means in your business).
  2. Supporting you to use the above to work ON the business and transfer your vision for growth into clear strategies, solid action plans and effective implementation

Hence the COG PERSON in the Engineering Business Growth logo – It’s about getting the “Mind Mechanics” right to create growth and the “Business Mechanics” right to achieve it so that you can ‘skillfully arrange for growth to occur’!

Our values (what’s important to us about how we do things) are:

Honesty, Trust, Integrity – Being clear, transparent and open about ourselves, the business and any given situation.

Maximising potential – Always looking for ways to help clients and staff with development, transformation, growth & achievement of potential.

Quality – Always doing everything we can to ensure that what we offer has real substance and that delivery is excellent.

Taking responsibility (proactive, focused, productive, and disciplined) – Taking ownership of our work, taking initiative and seeing things through to completion.  Focusing on getting tasks done in an efficient and effective manner.

Positivity and Enthusiasm – Always looking for the best in situations and people.  Always looking to better and improve the current situation and seeking to approach all situations with confidence.

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