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Apple “Crumble”, Lewis Hamilton &  Poison

On Monday night I went out for a nice meal at a gastro pub in a country village. I’d not been there before and I was impressed. Nice atmosphere, tasty wines, delicious food, all was going really well until it came to desert.   I plumped for the blackberry and apple...

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Business Growth Acceleration Tool #2: Business Growth Indicators

It is important to have a series of numbers you are always measuring in your business that tell you if your efforts are achieving what you’re looking to achieve. Reviewing these on a monthly basis gives you a snapshot of the health of your business, but also give you key information about whether what you’re spending your time on is worthwhile or not. If you can see numbers going up in the way you want, then you know the things you are doing are working and therefore it is worthwhile doing more of it. If the numbers aren’t going up then it also tells you that you might be wasting your time on some activities.

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