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The importance of strategy if you want success in the next 12 months

The idea behind strategy is to take considered and purposeful action. It’s all too easy to end up as a busy fool, diving straight in to business delivery activity because it makes us feel like we’re doing something, but ultimately not achieving the results we want. We would strongly recommend putting the time aside to develop your strategy for the year if you want to make real purposeful progress towards achieving your business vision.

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The vital (and often missed) step to continuous business improvement and success as a SME Business Owner

If you want to be the best you can be and build the best business you can, then the “review” is an essential part of your development process.

As a SME Business Owner, reviewing your own performance, reviewing how your business is doing overall, as well as in the different functions, and reviewing your teams’ performance (overall and as individuals) are all vital to success.

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7 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to ensure your networking generates a return on investment

Networking has a number of purposes so the possible positive outcomes can be varied.

It can be a great way to:

– Meet potential partners who can help you accelerate your business
– Find clients either through direct contact or through referral.
– Do market research and test your ideas
– Find your own suppliers
– To get out of isolation and mix with other business people
– Find advice and support

There are the less tangible benefits of networking that can make it worthwhile no matter what but if ultimately you are looking to increase leads and sales, then if you don’t put some thought into your networking strategy and approach it in the right way to achieve these tangible outcomes, it can result in a big waste of time . And if it isn’t at least paying for itself, a waste of money!

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What knowledge do you need to keep ahead of your competition?

Knowledge is a key component in the sales and marketing framework of any business. These days, the majority of businesses operate in an extremely competitive and crowded market, and staying ahead of your competitors can be a major challenge. The more knowledgeable you are in your own field, and the more knowledgeable you are about your customers’, their needs and the problems you solve for them, the greater the edge this can give you over your competitors.

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3 Key Reasons Why SME Business Owners Waste Time

So often when people want to improve their utilisation of time, the focus is on tactical time management, organisation of workflow and the “to do lists”. Of course developing skills in these areas are foundations of success for anyone, but as a SME Business Owner you have a different set of circumstances; you are leading a business, you are not an employee and you don’t have the luxury of the support and resources in bigger companies.

Therefore there is a bigger picture to successful time utilisation (or lack of) that we are exploring here.

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10 Top Time Wasters for the SME Business Owner

Due to the highly demanding nature of running your own business, It’s essential that one of the most important and valuable assets that you have at your disposal, is utilised as wisely as possible – Your TIME.
Yet despite the immense value of time, so many SME Business Owners find themselves distracted by issues and problems that have an unnecessary impact on their time.
Unless “time” is being invested in the activities that will help you achieve more of what you want in your business and life, you could say you are wasting time because it’s gone forever, it’s finite and you are not getting the return on your investment you hope for!
So it’s essential to figure out where you are wasting time and hopefully the following list will help you with that, and then reduce the waste, it’s as simple as that!

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