Business Growth Implementation Coaching

This service is ideal for you if you want to drive your business through a “growth phase” to the next level and would like some one to one support to work out how best to do so and then make it happen.

There are a few possibilities of how this might work for you:

  • we start at the beginning clarify your vision, strategy for growth, create a plan and then support you to implement your plan
  • you may have attended one of our Business Growth Workshops and have realised that you would like some one to one support to implement your learning to ensure maximum results
  • you may have worked with us to create your Business Plan and/or Marketing Plan and would like some support in implementing the plan

Which ever route is right for you, the emphasis of our Business Growth Coaching is always on IMPLEMENTATION.  We want to help you to learn and grow in order to be better placed to lead your business through a growth phase to greater success and we know that unless you apply your learning and step forward with confidence and focus you may not get the results you want.  It’s all about taking ACTION in relation to clearly defined goals and objectives.

We also know how difficult it can be to navigate the obstacles and challenges of growing your business.  It’s not easy.   The support of someone who can help you keep focused on your vision and goals, and aid you to make sound decisions along the way can be priceless!


We offer Business Growth Implementation Coaching in chunks of 3 months, always working to achieve defined outputs in alignment with your Business Growth Goals.

On completion of 3 months there is a review.  If appropriate we can begin another chunk of 3 months, setting new objectives.  This ensures you maintain momentum and focus around results.


Typically between £300-£700+VAT per month – to be discussed at initial meeting

You may be eligible for Grant Funding towards this service so do ask us.

N.B. If you have completed our Business Plan Service and would like to incorporate Business Growth Implementation Coaching with the Ongoing Business Planning Service we can discuss a combined rate.

To find out how this service might work for you, get in touch to schedule a meeting by calling 0203 1891287 or emailing

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