Bounce Back Cash Flow Forecasting – Video Guide and Tool

Now and in the coming months, more than ever, “Cash is king”!

Use this guide to manage your finances, assess and predict your financial position, and use it to support decision making and any applications for loans or investors.

This guide is for you if you are a Business Owner of an established small business who wants to ensure your finances see you through the Covid-19 crisis so you maintain a secure position and can confidently push for growth as and when you want to.

This Guide Will Help You To

  • Get a clear picture of what you can expect your cash position to be over the coming months in both the worst and best case scenarios
  • Create a financial plan to back up any application for funding should that be needed but supports your own action plan either way
  • Get peace of mind that you are prepared and have done all the planning you can to give your business the best chance of surviving and thriving as we come out of lockdown
  • Get clear visibility on what your spend is month by month to help make decisions about what to cut and when, or invest in and when, depending on different unfolding scenarios
  • Give you confidence in an area that may well not be a strength
  • Build your own competence at understanding your finances, rather than purely relying on an accountant, developing a key business skill

How to do a Cash Flow Forecast

Our Forecast Tool

To access your FREE copy of this ‘Bounce Back Cashflow Forecasting Tool’, be able to put your own business figures into this spreadsheet and gain all the benefits this insight will give you CLICK HERE.

Cashflow Forecast Tool


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