How to Overcome the Catch 22’s of Growing your Business!

Is this for you?

  • Do you feel capped, limited or stagnated in your current business scenario?
  • Have you reached a plateau and are wanting to grow your business but worrying about taking the risk?
  • Do you lack clarity in knowing how best to progress to take your business to the next level?
  • Are you confused by the options facing you?Direction image 120x90
  • Do you make a push for growth and then return to the status quo?
  • Do you struggle to navigate past obstacles?
  • Are you in a dilemma (a situation where you have a choice, but making the right choice at the right time can put you in a quandry)

If you’re experiencing any of the above, the chances you will be being blocked by one or more catch-22’s taking place in your business!

What is a catch-22?

The term Catch-22 is now widely used to describe any situation where two actions are mutually dependent on the other action being completed first.  A familiar example of this occurs in the context of job searching – to apply for a job you require relevant work experience, yet to obtain the necessary work experience you need a relevant job.  Have you experienced this type of scenario?

These happen all the time in business and to be successful you need to recognise them and know how to overcome them.

Who am I and why am I bringing this webinar to you?

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I’m Beverley Corson, Owner of Future Inspired Ltd, personal performance and business development coach/consultant.  I work with SME Business Owners to help raise business performance to achieve business growth through one to one and group coaching programmes.

Today I’d like to invite you to a webinar where I will be interviewing Robert Copping; a motivational business speaker, entrepreneur, business catalyst and published author of the book ‘The Heart of Business Success – How to Overcome the Catch-22’s of growing your business’ .  Robert is one of my own biggest influences and a trusted mentor so I have asked him to share with you his phenomenal knowledge in this area, and he’s kindly agreed to collaborate with me on this webinar and a future workshop ‘Engineering Your Next Business Growth Phase’!

Robert Copping

Robert does not blow his own trumpet anywhere near as much as he should as he is well respected for his insightful approach and has literally worked with hundreds of businesses to develop their strategy, their business model and their plan for successful growth AND had some fantastic results:

“Robert was truly inspirational. It’s not often that you meet someone who really understands what businesses need in order to succeed and avoid those Catch-22s that cause so many issues for companies trying to grow.  He has given us the tools to succeed, I thoroughly recommend him.  He’s a real motivator.”  

Adrian Munn: Director Sales and Marketing, Monochrome Ltd.

Robert Copping The Heart of Business Success Book

“Robert Copping has a knack for taking complicated business issues and breaking them down into easily digestible pieces, so if you are looking for guidance on putting clarity into your business plan, this is for you. I commend his concepts to adventurous entrepreneurs planning to start out in business; equally for those of you wishing to grow your current enterprises into something different and better.”

Mark Norris CEO, Profile Management and Specialist Recruitment Ltd.

I’d like to invite you to register for this FREE webinar/teleseminar WEDNESDAY 5 JUNE 8-9PM, where you will:

  • Discover the catch-22’s that are operating in your business and holding you back right NOW
  • Hear some REAL EXAMPLES of businesses that Robert has worked with and how these catch-22’s have held them back and what they did about it
  • Learn how to recognise and overcome the catch 22’s of growing YOUR business
  • Not only that, but a couple of you will get the opportunity to work with Robert live on the call!

Ultimately, if you want to successfully grow your business then this in an opportunity for you to gain some highly valuable learning that can make all the difference.  Surely if it only gets you to ask yourself some really pertinent questions about your business then it will have been a worthwhile use of 1 hour of your time…….Growth target image smaller

“Robert provided us with a knowledgeable presentation and had a captivated audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, which made me ask pertinent questions about my own business.”

Michael Ramlakhan: MD,
Timeless Computer Support Services

Register for this FREE webinar/teleseminar WEDNESDAY 5 JUNE 8-9PM and schedule it in your diary NOW as this is one not to miss.

If you have any questions do get in touch .

Kind regards


Beverley Corson

Future Inspired Ltd. 


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