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Business Growth Strategic Planning, Coaching and Consultancy
Navigating your business along the right path towards your business ambition is a difficult journey for any SME Business Owner.  Achieving business growth involves overcoming the obstacles and “catch-22’s” that are inevitable along the way but can sometimes seem insurmountable!

Are you experiencing obstacles or a catch 22 on your path to growth right now?  Or struggling to see the right way forward?

If you want to successfully engineer your next business growth phase then this could be for you.



Leadership and Management Coaching
For business owners who want to improve their engagement, management, leadership and development of their team so they perform at their best.

Building and retaining a team that will help achieve the business goals is essential to success.  However this can be extremely challenging and, because of the size of the business, bad decisions and poor performance can have such a detrimental impact on both the business and the business owner.

Many small business owners have little or no training or experience in managing others to perform so this frequently becomes the biggest obstacle to progress.

Are you experiencing limitations in terms of not enough time or resources to deliver sufficiently to growing customer requirements? Have you, or will you, be looking to develop a team to achieve your business ambition? Have you found hiring, retaining, or managing others to perform for you a challenge? If so, this coaching programme could be for you.



Team development coaching and training
Getting the team mechanics right for individual, team and business success is essential.

This programme combines two elements:

UNITE – Team Development Session The objective of this element is to motivate and develop individuals and the team overall to optimise team performance. This will be an opportunity to…

DISCUS Personality and Team Profiling Individual and team profiling is an invaluable way of enabling development of individuals and groups by identifying a team profile, as well as highlighting team and individual styles, strengths and development areas.

This process helps to shine a light on individual styles of communication, decision making, motivation and organisation & planning. These and the team report can instigate a team discussion around how best to operate with each other.  As a result there is an enhanced team performance.

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Business Planning Service (Full Financial Business Plan Done For You)
Two questions a Business Owner should ask: “How much is my business worth?” and “How can I increase the value of my business?”  A Business Valuation is the clearest measure of success.

If you are looking to drive your business through a growth phase to the next level as a route to increasing your business valuation, you will need to fund that growth.  So if you are in need of a loan, an investor or are funding your own growth, you will need a robust plan for greater insight and strategic thinking on how best to achieve what you want.

To be more successful in growth you’ll need a business plan to win new customers, improve profitability, manage cash flow and increase business value. We can also help with business funding.

This can lead to an ‘Access to finance’ service if the business is wanting equity or debt finance and has demonstrated it is viable within the financial plan.



Building Your Customer Base

Maximise Your Sales Performance - Coaching & Training Programme
Sales of your services and products is essential to business success and unless you have sufficient funds to outsource this to external providers or hire people to do the sales for you then you have to get good at selling. Then even if you can outsource or employ sales resource you still need to be able to manage and lead the sales function effectively or you can waste a lot of money!

Often, “sales” is the most disliked or poorly performed role of a SME Business Owner which can lead to financial difficulty, sadly not reaching desired levels of performance or even business failure.  In addition, finding good sales people who perform consistently is equally challenging.

On the flip side, if you can improve your own and the business sales performance you will regain control of your business and feel more like anything is possible.


Marketing Strategy And Campaign Planning - Coaching OR Consultancy Service
If you want to grow your business through increasing sales, you need to consistently generate qualified leads through your marketing efforts. Unfortunately this can be challenging and “feast and famine” can be the result, meaning business growth happens in fits and starts if at all.

Frequently time and money is invested in ad hoc marketing activity and various suppliers with unaligned solutions that deliver insufficient returns on the investment.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the marketing tactics you should, would, could be doing but don’t consistently do. If you would like to generate more leads more consistently then this programme could be for you.


Personal Performance, Time Management and Business Development Coaching
Starting up or developing a successful business is a challenging and demanding journey for most people.  At times it can be daunting, isolating, overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, scary and a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs.

Does this sound familiar? If you want to take MASSIVE action towards your business ambitions, then this could be for you.



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