Why is it so challenging to build a successful business?

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A. It’s so challenging  to build a successful business because of:


  • A highly competitive, fast paced, rapidly changing, technology-based business environment
  • Difficulty balancing multiple demands, skill areas and functions of a business
  • Spending time working “in” the business, not working “on” the business to change things
  • Limited resources to invest in growth; time, finance, systems, team, support
  • No clear defined business strategy and plan to drive it to the next level beyond current obstacles
  • Isolation – no one to talk productively about business ideas and challenges
  • Lack of confidence or insufficient skills in business, marketing, sales, finance, leadership, people management, systems etc.
  • No one to hold the business leader accountable
  • Indecision due to overwhelm or fear of making a mistake

When someone sets up their own business they have all the optimism and vision for what they can create and what they can achieve in their life as a result of their personal, financial and emotional investment in their business.

Yet in so many cases it proves to be way more difficult than they anticipated to achieve thier vision and often progress becomes slow if not stagnant. It can take years longer than expected to get to the desired level of success.

Many are stuck in a “comfort zone” where they are not fulfilling their business and life ambitions but don’t know how best to move forward.

Finding a way to break through the obstacles and “catch 22’s” of growing their business is essential if they want to grow and achieve what they want.

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How can we help?


The ‘Building Your Business’ suite of services are for any small business owner who:

  • have developed at least a reasonably consistent level of sales and revenue into the business (otherwise the ‘Building your customer base‘ suite of services may be more suitable).
  • have some clarity about what they offer to whom and have the traction to prove it but still need to improve personal, business or team performance and want to find the right way forward to progress with confidence.
  • are established but are dissatisfied in some way, and want to make certain changes.
  • know they want to move forward and change things but are not always sure how
  • Would like to accelerate the growth of the business

We have a number of ways to help through the services listed below.

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1/2 day Workshop on 'How to drive your business to the next LEVEL'

This is a half day Masterclass designed to give clarity on how to break past current obstacles to growth and start to move towards the next level in your business.  It is ideal for Business Owners with little experience of Engineering Business Growth and wanting to see what we are about before deciding whether to do something more significant, or if budget is tight and you are looking for a low priced way to consider how you are going to develop your business.

The masterclass is followed by an opportunity to hear more about the Engineering Business Growth Club having experienced what it’s like.  However businesses will find this Masterclass enables them to get an idea of if and what support they need from us other than the Club option as it helps identify primary development areas, and can be followed by a discussion with one of the members of our team.

Group coaching: strategy, performance and accountability programme

A “group coaching” programme, designed and delivered to support ambitious business owners to develop their strategy and build momentum, knowledge and skills to maintain sustained progress towards their business goals.

Focusing on the leadership, management and strategic development of all areas of the business; sales, marketing, operations, finance, talent.

This programme is idea for Business Owners who are frustrated with progress and committed to changing things for the better.  For Business Owners who see the importance of accountability and the value of working with other Business Owners.

Individual business, personal and leadership development coaching and consultancy

Business Growth Strategic Planning Coaching & Consultancy – CLICK HERE

Leadership and Management Coaching CLICK HERE

Team Development Coaching & Training CLICK HERE 

‘Sightpath Business Planning Service’ – Creating a full Financial Business Plan  CLICK HERE

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