Why is it challenging to build a successful team?


It’s challenging to build a successful team because:


  • Identifying the right people can be challenging and the first 2-3 team members are so significant
  • It’s hard to let go, trust others and delegate to others
  • Different personality styles, approaches to work, values and strengths/weaknesses can lead to misunderstanding, de-motivation, conflicting perspectives and poor performance
  • There’s generally a need to improve leadership and management skills
  • Other people need to be engaged in the purpose for the business and the vision of success, and feel that it’s aligned with their own ambitions
  • There’s not enough time to recruit, develop and manage team members
  • Affording the level of person needed can be a challenge and there is competition from other businesses if looking to recruit high calibre individuals
  • Affording quality outsourced suppliers can be a challenge

It’s not easy to find the the right people and when it doesn’t work out, it’s a waste of time and effort, and can have a serious impact on the business and it’s cash-flow, hence it’s a big decision and many choose not to go down this road.



How can we help?


If you are at maximum capacity and want to increase market share then you will need a team of some sort.  Whether you opt to employ a team or utilise outsourced suppliers to build your team, it can be difficult.

The more you grow, the more you have to rely on your team to win business and deliver reliably to customer satisfaction. The right team will also help you innovate to keep ahead of the competition.  So finding a way to overcome capacity limitations is essential.

As your business grows, systems and processes will also play a larger part in delivering your products and services with efficiency and reliability. You will have to identify and implement what is needed to support growth and leverage resources.

All of which are worked on through the following Building a Successful Team suite of coaching, workshops and consultancy.


1/2 day Workshop on 'How to drive your business to the next LEVEL'

This is a half day Masterclass designed to give clarity on how to break past current obstacles to growth and start to move towards the next level in your business.  It is ideal for Business Owners with little experience of Engineering Business Growth and wanting to see what we are about before deciding whether to do something more significant, or if budget is tight and you are looking for a low priced way to consider how you are going to develop your business.

The masterclass is followed by an opportunity to hear more about the Engineering Business Growth Club having experienced what it’s like.  However businesses will find this Masterclass enables them to get an idea of if and what support they need from us other than the Club option as it helps identify primary development areas, and can be followed by a discussion with one of the members of our team.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

12 month Group coaching programme

A “group coaching” programme, designed and delivered to support ambitious business owners to develop their strategy and build momentum, knowledge and skills to maintain sustained progress towards their business goals.

Focusing on the leadership, management and strategic development of all areas of the business; sales, marketing, operations, finance, talent.

This programme is idea for Business Owners who are frustrated with progress and committed to changing things for the better.  For Business Owners who see the importance of accountability and the value of working with other Business Owners.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

Individual Company Workshops

Team Acquisition and Development Strategy & Planning 1 Day In-house – Get in touch HERE to find out more

Coaching for Results 1 Day in-house – Get in touch HERE to find out more

UNITE: High Performance Team Development Training and Coaching Programme – CLICK HERE to find out more.

“Strategy on a Page” for Managers – CLICK HERE to find out more about this service for business owners and get in touch to find out how we deliver this for function and team managers.

1-6 months individual support

Engaging, Managing & Developing Others To Perform – Coaching Programme – CLICK HERE to find out more.

UNITE: High Performance Team Development – Training & Coaching Programme CLICK HERE to find out more.

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