Achieving Business Growth Implementation Groups

We are all guilty of leaving a training session feeling really motivated, focused and determined to put our new ideas into practice and then putting the manual in the bottom draw never to be seen again.  How much application is down to the individual and how they operate.  For most this is one or two things!  Imagine how much more would be achieved if you had structured your implementation and chipped away at it over time until you had completed what you set out to do.  Where would you be now?


The Achieving Business Growth Implementation Groups are designed to support you to implement your learning from our Business Growth Masterclasses.  As well as implementing the learning you gained from the Masterclasses we will be providing additional valuable business growth related training.  Over the duration of the implementation programme we will make sure you get exactly what you need to achieve success in that area, whether it be overall business leadership and growth, sales & marketing, finance or building a successful team.  If you want to leap forward in your business this is the way to do it!

We want you to get maximum benefit within your business in terms of results.  We want you to engineer your next business growth phase and then achieve it, with our support, to ensure success.  We are so sure that the learning you will get from us is worthy of working on until you see it to fruition that we have created these 4 Achieving Business Growth Implementation Groups:

???????????????????????????????????Achieving Your Next Business Growth Phase (The foundation programme to follow on from ‘Engineering Your Next Business Growth Phase’ and ‘Leading Your Next Business Growth Phase’)

Achieving Sales Success (The follow up to ‘Planning for Sales Success’)

Achieving Finance Success (The follow up to ‘Planning for Finance Success‘)

Achieving Team Success (The follow up to ‘Planning for Team Success‘)

These are all designed to empower and equip you with the tools and techniques, strategies and plans, behaviour and mindset needed to drive your business through a growth phase to the next level.

How are they delivered?

All 4 programmes are delivered online so they can fit easily around your busy schedule and are accessible from anywhere. However, each Growth Implementation Group involves a number of teleclasses and webinars so that you interact with the coach for guidance, share with other growing businesses and are held accountable to do what you say you will do.

You will get access to your own private platform to work on it through it’s duration and then you have access indefinitely so you can refer back to it time and time again.  All group teleclassess and webinars will be recorded and uploaded into your space again, enabling it to work with your schedule.  Each Growth Implementation Group will have a private forum within the programme to communicate with each other and the coach, again encouraging support, sharing and application.

Modules will be released over the course of 12 weeks (for each Growth Implementation Group) each one building on the last, containing a relevant combination of  videos, MP3 downloads, exercises and powerful questions.  Each modules will begin with the live group session and followed up with your implementation steps.

Next step:  Attend the Masterclass that is most appropriate for you now, get the learning from it and then decide if you are going to implement it yourself or would like more support via one of the above programmes.

Investment per Growth Implementation Group:  £395.00+VAT per month for 3 months or a one off payment of £1050.00+VAT (saving £135.00)

Alternative 1:  Book straight on a Growth implementation group and we’ll give you your space on the relevant Masterclass for free – get in touch for more detailed overview of the Growth Implementation Group by calling 0203 1891287 or emailing

Alternative 2:  If public group programmes are not your preference sign up for a the relevant Masterclass on a public or in-house basis and then we can offer Business Growth Coaching which can provide you or your leadership team individual implementation support.

Find out dates and book on to Masterclasses HERE.

Find out the launch dates and book on to the Growth Implementation Groups HERE.


Sign up for our ‘COMMITTED TO ACHIEVING BUSINESS GROWTH’ 1 year programme.  Giving you access to all 4 of our Growth Implementation Groups (after all, they are all relevant when going through a growth phase).

This is the ultimate Personal, Leadership and Business Growth programme, designed to ensure you have all of the learning and support needed to drive your business through a growth phase to the next level.

Committed to Achieving Business Growth 1 year programme – Investment:  12 payments of £350.00+VAT(saving £540.00) or 1 payment of £3900+VAT (saving £840)

Not only that but if you invest in this programme you can attend all 5 of our Masterclasses for FREE worth £395.00.  Start with the foundation masterclasses and group implementation groups and the rest is tailored to your growth journey.

Grant Funding:  If you are eligible for the government GrowthAccelerator Service then you could receive funding for up to the value of 50% off these programmes.

Contact us to find out more.  If you require more information email us at or call 0203 1891287.

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