Do you want to DRIVE your business to the next LEVEL?

We help established small business owners from all sectors to:

Build momentum

Clarify strategy

Maintain sustained progress

Develop their business

Achieve goals

Engineer growth!

Growth Masterclass

Half day masterclass in Merton, Wandsworth and Croydon.

Growth Club

Group coaching program to drive your business to the next level.

1-1 Growth Coaching

Bespoke business coaching and consultancy.

Do you want to look back on the next 12 months and be proud and astonished by the progress you and your business have made?

What is the next level for you in your business?
Is it more sales, more profit, a more effective team?
Streamlined operations?
Or just more time off for the things you love to do?
Are you confident you are moving towards it?

Business Growth Masterclass:

“How to drive your business to the next LEVEL”

Effective and affordable group coaching programme

It takes time to create transformation, embed new ways of doing things and grow a business whilst still doing the day to day essential activities!

2 Day Strategic Planning

Leaving with a one page business plan that chunks back from your 3-5 year vision into your key action priorities in the next month giving absolute clarity and focus in developing your business towards fulfilling your ambition.

Monthly half day meetings to include:

Monthly and quarterly planning sessions to ensure implementation of the plan

Strategy booster sessions in sales, marketing, operations, finance, talent

Masterminding with other business owners

As an established business we found this invaluable in planning both the mid and long term strategy for the company.

We now have a very clear vision for the future growth of 3MIL and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Engineering Business Growth’s services to anyone looking to grow their business.

Ian Lowe

Director, 3MIL

Working with Engineering Business Growth for over a year has had a massive impact on my business. I can see a way forward now and how the business is going to operate and the structure we need to put in place.

I have aims and goals now rather than panic. I can see progress in increased monthly turnover and in having more of the key structures in place to support the existing growth and enable more. I feel far less stressed about the whole process.

Richard Gamble Frost

Owner, G.F.Fire Solutions

Prefer to consider individual company support?

Find out about our 121 coaching, training and consultancy services.

Having added 2 Directors to the top management team to manage and help growth and increase in size we needed to be sure that we are all working towards an agreed strategic direction as it became obvious we needed to determine where we wanted to be and when, in our case doubling turnover over a 5 year period.

Once we determined we were on the same page we were able to set our targets out and establish Business Growth Indicators to measure our progress.

Taking time to do this was the hardest decision, there is always something to do, we knew that we need to plan but to be honest this would not have happened without Bryan and Beverley’s encouragement and leadership.

We now feel focused on where we are headed and how we intend to get there and all successfully implementing our plans across the business.

David Lodge

Director, Beaver Pest Control

EBG have helped us see where we want to get to and what we need to do to get there. They are great at asking questions that uncover the vision and values behind everything. And then helping you figure out how you’re going put that into action to achieve what it is you want to accomplish.

Paul Sturrock

Owner, Sixty-Eight Feet Digital Design Agency

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Engineering Business Growth is a Merton based coaching, training and consultancy business. We support micro and small Business Owners and Directors with 1-50 employees, from a variety of sectors, based mainly in Merton and the surrounding Boroughs, Central London and Surrey.

However we do have clients in other areas of London and further afield. We like hearing from any Micro or Small Business that is ambitious and wants to grow, regardless of location or budget.

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