Tailored In-House Leadership & Management Training

If you want to drive your business through a growth phase to the next level then your leadership team needs to work together to do this successfully.   To ensure you have an aligned purpose and vision, a clear strategy and plan, defined roles and management processes in place to make it happen as you intend and clear focus going forward.

We can work with you as a group to:

–  clarify your vision, strategy and plan for growth

–  look at how you work together to maximise performance as a team

–  give you a space to step away from the doing to consider your challenges and next steps as you navigate the ups and downs of growing your business

– provide a check in on your progress and hold you accountable to deliver on the growth targets you set

You may benefit from one or more of the Business Growth Workshops tailored to your business.

Engineering Business Growth Workshops:

Engineering Your Next Business Growth Phase

Leading Your Business Through a Growth Phase

Planning for Sales Success

Planning for Finance Success

Planning for Team success

Achieving Business Growth Implementation Group:

We can create a tailored continuity programme with a combination of the above workshops and implementation sessions as suits your particular growth journey and current business improvement needs.

To arrange a meeting to discuss this further call 0203 1891287 or email info@engineeringbusinessgrowth.com

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