48412614_thumbnailHere at Engineering Business Growth, one of our most popular services is our ‘Marketing Strategy & Campaign Planning’ coaching programme.

We are currently delivering this for a wine company, a bespoke furniture fitters, an IT company, a health & fitness business and a photographers, to name a few!

What do these clients all have in common?

  1. They had all invested a fair amount of time and money on different marketing activities but didn’t think they had achieved enough of a return on that investment in terms of results.
  2. They all admitted to having done a lot of ad hoc marketing activity like “throwing enough mud and hoping it will stick” but not really having a sense of how it all works together – no common thread
  3. They had all been doing the “scattergun” approach which means that activities are not targeted at any particular people
  4. They all experienced an overwhelm with all the options, confusion and frustration about not knowing what to do to increase their sales revenues
  5. They were all struggling to fit enough activity in on top of their usual business activities to get traction with their sales

Do you have this in common with them?  Are you experiencing these issues?

What’s the solution?

calendarThe reason our clients bought into our ‘Marketing Strategy & Campaign Planning’ coaching programme is because they wanted clarity in terms of where to focus their efforts and to know what to do on a day to day basis to start getting the leads, prospects and sales needed in their business to be able to grow and move towards their business ambitions.

If you want to overcome these issues too it’s vital that you have a clear marketing strategy so that you know what you are working towards overall with your marketing efforts, and it is all joined up with a clear purpose.

It’s also essential that you have a campaign approach to how you do your marketing so that it’s targeted, time framed, scheduled and you know what your monthly, weekly focus is and daily actions are, making it do-able in the context of your busy life.  Through this approach you actually get the results you want in less time, rather than wasting time on ad hoc activity that isn’t working!

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