Next Level Accelerator

An effective business, leadership and personal development group coaching programme for ambitious Business Owners who want to drive their business to the next LEVEL!

What is the next level for you in your business?

Is it more sales, more profit, a more effective team, streamlined operations or even just more time off for the things you love to do?

Whatever it is, navigating your business along the right path towards your business ambition is often a difficult journey.

Achieving business growth involves overcoming the obstacles and “catch 22’s” that are inevitable along the way that can sometimes seem insurmountable!

Are you frustrated with your progress, struggling to see the best way forward, experiencing obstacles to achieving what you want or finding yourself stuck in a “catch 22”?

If you want to successfully make improvements in your business then the ‘Next Level Accelerator’ could be exactly what you need to drive it forward in the right direction and implement significant changes.

We are currently running the Next Level Accelerator online with Business Owners from a range of sectors including IT, HR, strategic and digital marketing, personal training, massage, property; builders and estate agents plus many more.

The Next Level Accelerator includes:

2 Day Strategic Planning

Kickstart with 2 days of strategy creation to clarify your vision, create a roadmap for moving your business forward and identify key strategic growth focuses and actions for the next month.

Developing a strategic plan in sales, marketing, operations, talent and finance.

Identifying the important numbers to measure in the business that give insight on the health of the business and demonstrate achievement of growth as planned.

Monthly and quarterly planning sessions to ensure implementation of the plan.

Designed to hold you accountable to transferring your strategy into consistent effective action, accelerating progress and ensuring you achieve real positive results in your business.

Making sure that the strategic plan created doesn’t end up “in the bottom draw”, remaining relevant in the context of current business issues and evolving priorities.

Masterclasses in sales, marketing, operations, finance, talent. Topics listed below

Designed to educate and inspire you to improve your personal and business performance, empowering and equipping you to lead your business to greater success: 

  • How to manage busyness and optimise your time for maximum results.
  • How to maintain quality delivery through growth.
  • How to recruit, train, retain and get the best out of your team.
  • Communicating for results
  • How to drive consistent leads through effective marketing.
  • Developing sales skills and an effective sales process.
  • How to manage finances for growth
  • How to maximise your profits

Masterminding with other business owners

Monthly mastermind sessions to tackle your current business issues so you can benefit from the experience of the other Business Owners in the Club as well as the facilitators.

121 Coaching

Every member will have 121 coaching following the 2-day Strategy Intensive to ensure the road-map has been clearly set, to discuss any immediate business priorities or issues and help with initial blocks on progress.

Further 121 coaching can be purchased if needed, when appropriate, to focus on any aspect of the business whether it be marketing, sales, operations, finance or talent related, or about the members own challenges in executing the plan.

Weekly and monthly online support to help you keep on track

Putting your Strategy on the Cloud so you can access it where ever you are and keep track of your strategy implementation over time.

Monday emails to motivate, inspire, prompt action, follow up to past meeting and request preparation for the next session.

Online group forum to share ideas, successes and support with fellow Club members.

I joined the Growth Club to help focus my direction in taking the business forward. Being the owner of a business is a constant learning curve and the growth club is the perfect platform for discussion, advice and learning new skills. The club is welcoming and fun.

It has given my vision for the business more clarity and direction. I am actually starting to practise what they preach. Interacting with other small businesses is great to. If you want to take your business along the right path so you can achieve your goals then do not hesitate to sign up.

Simon Freer

Owner, SAF Cleaning

I joined the Business Growth Club because we have had several attempts at a strategy but have never really done anything with it.  We are now getting too large to grow by ‘the seat of our pants’ and need to be more structured.

Our board did a Strategy Session and it has really helped us to have a common vision and for me, as CEO, to start to focus on specific and agreed deliverables.

The monthly meetings hold me to account and provide a structure for reporting back on progress to the board.  It is a really useful programme for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.

Gill Perkins

CEO, Wandsworth Oasis

This is for you if you…..


Are genuinely committed to growth this year


Recognise the need for accountability


Believe in collaborative working


Recognise the value of continuous learning


Want to be part of an incubator


Are prepared to take ownership

Try before you buy!

Want to find out more about the club?

Visit our Next Level Strategy Workshop where we will teach you the strategic planning process we use in the club and give you a taster for being in the club so you can decide for yourself if it is right for you

CLICK HERE to find out more.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Please note:

We only take people into the Club once every 3 months and numbers are restricted in each Club so don’t delay in getting in touch to make sure you can get going as soon as you want.

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