'Strategy For Business Growth' Workshop

Clarify your vision, strategy and plan for growth

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The challenge when you push for growth is that you will then be venturing into the unknown, out of your (often uncomfortable) comfort zone!  What sort of investment is required to do this successfully?  How much more time, money, people, stock, other resources will it take you to get to the next level, and can you front that or will it break you trying?

What is the next level anyway?   Are you prepared to take the risk when the risk can be the following?…

  • Wasting money and seeing no return on investment
  • Using money in the hope of quick wins and not seeing a return on investment in the required time due to a lag between investment and come back
  • Investing time and money on people resources that don’t work out
  • Putting time and money into marketing that brings little back
  • Backing out of successful activity too early through fear of running out of money and missing the boat!

Is this for you?


This is for you if:


  • You are frustrated because you want to grow but seem to be reaching a ceiling in terms of your time, money, capacity
  • You are afraid to take the risk in case it goes horribly wrong
  • You have pushed for growth before but had to stop due to underestimating the investment required and the challenge involved
  • You are overwhelmed by all of the options so struggle to make significant decisions relating to growth
  • You question your own ability to make growth happen

The issue is not knowing how long until you reach the tipping point – the point at which you’ve pushed the snowball up the side of that growth phase mountain and all of the blood, sweat and tears will pay off, it’ll be all OK and you can start getting a return on your investment.

How can you make it more of a calculated risk?  How can you be confident in the decision to push for growth?

So, are you frustrated because your business growth is currently stagnated or capped in some way?

Are you reaching a ceiling or limit in terms of your time, money, capacity to deliver to customer needs, or in any other way?

When you are frustrated like this, you have a choice…..stay as you are or push for growth!


Over the course of this day, you will clarify the vision for your next business growth phase, identify your biggest obstacles to growth right now and define your business model and growth strategy over the next 1-3 years.

Through this process you will build confidence to make a push for growth and leave with a roadmap to take the business to the next level with clear actions to set your business growth phase in motion.

'Strategy For Business Growth' Workshop

Not available for the next date or don’t want to wait?  Get in touch to discuss the option of an in-company business growth strategy and planning day where we can tailor this workshop to your business.  

Email beverley@engineeringbusinessgrowth.com, call 0203 1891287 or 07841 823568.

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