Planning for Finance Success


This 1-day workshop is designed to help you balance your ambition with your ability to fund it.  Success or failure ultimately comes down to the success of your financial management.  You will clarify what financial success means for you and how best to achieve it through your business.

Whether you want to attract an investor, obtain a bank loan, or fund your growth organically, this workshop will help liberate your finances to speed your growth.

You will learn how to confidently grow your business by making better decisions, based on solid financial management.  You will have a business growth model to help you make sense of your financials and help you avoid the pitfalls of growth.

This is not an accountancy workshop yet by the end of it you’ll be equipped to talk finance and empowered to go for growth.


  • Clarify your business ambition and understand the financials that underpin it
  • Explore the impact of your business decisions on the financials
  • Realise the impact of your financials on your business decisions
  • Understand the strategies that increase personal and business wealth
  • Identify the aspirational financial plan for your business
  • Build your confidence in managing the business
  • Explore how to increase the value of your business
This workshop IS for you if: This workshop is NOT for you   if:
– You are not clear what the return on investment of your time and money in your business – You have a robust financial plan for growth
– You are not yet earning as much as you could earn if you were working for someone else – Your business is already delivering the financial success you desire
– You look at what your accountant sends you and immediately put it to one side – You feel familiar with financial jargon and love spreadsheets
– You want to raise finance to grow your business – You are not stressed by budgeting or managing your cashflow
– You want to grow your business and you don’t know how much funding you need – The financial management of the business does not change month to month

Next date:22 April 2015

Get in touch by calling 0203 1891287 or emailing to find out more or to reserve a place.

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