'Strategy For Sales Success' Workshop

Create your marketing and sales strategy and plan for the next 90 days

Many micro and small business owners struggle to generate enough interest and potentials in their pipeline to even get the level of sales needed to survive, or to achieve the moderate sales needed to be comfortable, never mind to consistently accumulate enough sales to support organic growth and achieve financial success.

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  • Do you ever find that you go from the excitement and comfort of one or two new customers or a sudden influx of business, to finding yourself stressing over where your next months revenue is going to come from, and wondering how you have let that happen?
  • Do you ever think “if only I had maintained my marketing and sales consistently I/we wouldn’t be in this situation!”?
  • Are you ever in the uncomfortable situation of grappling around for sales to make ends meet?
  • Have you ever been guilty of “putting all of your eggs in one basket” and relying on a small number of key clients and then being shocked by the loss of one or more of them?
  • Do you go from high energy in your marketing and sales efforts into procrastination and avoidance?
  • Do you want to grow but find that you only ever seem to stay at the same level of customers or revenue due to only replacing old customers with new, not building it up over time?
  • Do you find that the biggest obstacle to you achieving what you want with your business is the need for more sales?


Walk away from this workshop clear on what you need to do to get more sales over the next 90 days, accelerate your sales and marketing success through campaigns and increase your confidence in selling.


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Strategy for Sales Success Workshop

Not available for the next date or don’t want to wait?  Get in touch to discuss the option of an in-company marketing and sales strategy and planning day where we can tailor this workshop to your business.  

Email beverley@engineeringbusinessgrowth.com, call 0203 1891287 or 07841 823568.

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