Planning for Team Success


This 1-day workshop is about you achieving success through others. The more you grow, the more you have to rely on your team to win business and deliver reliably to customer satisfaction. The right team will also help you innovate to keep ahead of the competition.

As your business grows, systems and processes will also play a larger part in delivering your products and services with efficiency and reliability. You will have to identify and implement what is needed to support growth and leverage resources.

This workshop will give insight into what is required to engage the right people, inspire them to align with your objectives and develop them to deliver against the expectations you and your customers have.


  • Developing a ‘People Strategy’ to drive a new phase of growth
  • Planning the processes and resources that will be required
  • Identifying your ‘Dream Team’
  • Generating your leadership development plan
  • Communicating your vision and embedding ‘ownership’ in all your team
This workshop IS for you if: This workshop is NOT for you   if:
– You are aware you need to grow your team but are not sure how – Your business can run without you for long enough for you to be on holiday without internet access
– You would like a growth in sales but do not have the capacity to fulfil the needs – You are not currently aiming to take your business through a growth phase
– You are frustrated by the lack of engagement of your current team – You have systems and processes in place to support growth and maximise efficiency
– You know YOU have to ‘step up’ to create growth but have not got a plan for it yet – Your team is fully aligned and engaged in fulfilling the vision
– You have assets and resources that are underutilised – You know how to structure your team to get the most out of their efforts

Next date: 24 June 2015

Get in touch by calling 0203 1891287 or emailing to find out more or to reserve a place.

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