Engineering Business Growth Workshops

One of the biggest issues we come across when working with our clients is that they know what they want to create in their business but they don’t always know how to bridge the gap between where the are and where they want to be.

Direction image medium 317x238Often they have lost sight of why they are doing what they are doing and are stuck in the day to day graft.  There’s a lot of “doing” of “stuff” but it isn’t always adding up to the desired results so they are not necessarily moving forward.  There is overwhelm, over-working, indecision, frustration, issues with staff, demanding customers, not enough time and not enough money.  Basically “they can’t see the wood for the trees”!

Do you feel like you’re falling short of what you know you are capable of and what you know you can achieve in your business?

Our 1 day workshops give you time away from the “doing” and can ignite a massive leap forward.  They energise, motivate, set direction and help you work out what to do next.  In particular, what to do next to start bridging the gap between your everyday action and your ultimate vision of success.

All 4 of these workshops are designed to help business owners to drive their business through a growth phase to the next level.

We recommend you start with the foundation Workshop as it’s valuable in setting ultimate direction for anyone about to or going through a growth phase:

Engineering Your Next Business Growth Phase – next date, 28 January 2015

However, you can start with which ever Workshop you think is most appropriate right now as they are all vital for successful business growth and will build your confidence to do the right activities to make it happen:Red man leading medium 204x237

Planning for Sales Success – next date, 25 March 2015

Planning for Finance Success – next date, 22 April 2015

Planning for Team success –  next date, 24 June 2015

OR check out our series of Breakfast Networking with Business Growth Focus Sessions – PATHS to GROWTH

There all 4 sessions taking place before the end of 2014 and are ideal entry level sessions relating to the 4 areas listed above.

Call 0203 1891287 or email if you have any questions regarding dates, prices and to make a booking.

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