Leadership & Management Coaching

Engaging, Managing & Developing Others To Perform

Building and retaining a team that will help achieve the business goals is essential to success.  However this can be extremely challenging and, because of the size of the business, bad decisions and poor performance can have such a detrimental impact on both the business and the business owner.

Many small business owners have little or no training or experience in managing others to perform so this frequently becomes the biggest obstacle to progress.

Are you experiencing limitations in terms of not enough time or resources to deliver sufficiently to growing customer requirements? Have you, or will you, be looking to develop a team to achieve your business ambition? Have you found hiring, retaining, or managing others to perform for you a challenge? If so, this coaching programme could be for you.

Through this coaching you will:

  • Develop the mindset and behaviours required to be able to succeed through others
  • Learn how to plan and delegate effectively
  • Improve communication and coaching skills to better engage and motivate others to perform at their best
  • Put the structures, systems and processes in place to better manage others and your own time

Through this coaching programme you will develop in leadership and learn how to engage the right people, inspire them to align with your objectives and develop them to deliver against the expectations you and your customers have, enabling you to take your business in the direction you want.

If you would like to find out more about this programme and whether it is the best solution for you, then get in touch to discuss your needs further.

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