Maximising Your Sales Performance – Coaching and Training Programme

Sales of your services and products is essential to business success and unless you have sufficient funds to outsource this to external providers or hire people to do the sales for you then you have to get good at selling. Then even if you can outsource or employ sales resource you still need to be able to manage and lead the sales function effectively or you can waste a lot of money!

Often, “sales” is the most disliked or poorly performed role of a SME Business Owner which can lead to financial difficulty, sadly not reaching desired levels of performance or even business failure.

On the flip side, if you can improve your own and the business sales performance you will regain control of your business and feel more like anything is possible.

Are poor sales holding you back from achieving what you want?  If so, this programme could be exactly what you need as you will:

  • Clarify your sales strategy and process
  • Improve business sales management
  • Create your sales communications
  • Build confidence in your own ability to sell
  • Develop the necessary sales skills to success

Through this coaching programme your coach will be there for you, step by step, helping you to put this into practice.  To support and encourage you, challenge and stretch you, to hold you accountable and kick you up the backside when needed!

Equally if you have a sales team and you want to ensure they are maximising their performance training can be delivered to ensure they buy-in to your targets and plan, and raise their game to drive greater sales.

If you want more prospects, more sales and more money in your business then get in touch to discuss this programme and whether it’s right for you.

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Engineering Business Growth are great motivators and are great at sales strategy. If like me you are responsible for the Sales and Marketing within an SME that has a tight operating budget and need someone to bounce ideas off and to help guide your sales process, Engineering Business Growth are a great starting place and I recommend their services.

Kevin Treharne

Director, Entec Access Systems Ltd

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