-This 12 week programme is designed to empower and equip an SME Business Owner to build their marketing and sales engines to drive consistently more leads and sales to their business.

If you want more sales, we can help you step up to lead and manage your sales and marketing functions to put in place what is needed to effectively attract and convert more business from new and existing clients, through the development  and successful execution of strategy, campaigns, funnels and sales processes.


Are you experiencing these typical challenges the SME Business Owner faces with their marketing and sales?


Marketing challenges


If you want to grow your business through increased sales, you need to generate consistently more qualified leads through your marketing efforts.  Unfortunately it can be incredibly challenging in this highly competitive business environment where there is an abundance of choice, so much noise and a shortage of attention!

Often time and money is invested in ad hoc marketing activity and various suppliers that don’t hit the mark, give a poor ROI (Return On Investment) and lead to inconsistent results that stunt growth.

To compound all of that, typically marketing is not a preference or skill area for many Business Owners so they lack the insight and experience needed to really take ownership of their marketing function, and drive it forward even if that’s through others.

This can lead to inconsistency, overwhelm, procrastination or paralysis, which leads to poor results.

Does this sound familiar?


Sales Challenges


The ability to successfully convert leads into sales and maximise the lifetime value of your client base is essential to business growth as it is your sales that will fund the growth strategies in the other areas of your business i.e. team, innovation, systems, premises etc.  The problem is that if your sales are not reliable then it’s risky to make these investments which can restrict growth.

For various reasons, many SME Businesses are leaving money on the table and not fulfilling their sales potential. 

Mistakes like not qualifying effectively the right prospects to lead to profitable business, taking random activity because of the lack of clearly defined sales, on-boarding or up-selling processes, relying on referrals, and ineffective follow up on prospects are just a handful of the examples of the common practices that are not serving them.  

Does any of this resonate with you?


If you have experienced the above challenges, as an SME Business Owner you cannot afford to let this continue when it is you who is putting everything on the line and you who has the most to lose if you don’t get it right but the most to gain if you do!

ever find you procrastinate over developing the marketing and sales side of your business to another level, but want to make a change to drive growth in your business and recognise that you CAN achieve more sales if you focus in on the right areas for improvement, then this programme is for you!


The package includes…


2 day Marketing & Sales Accelerator Intensive ​

1 day one week and one day 2 weeks later allowing time to work on actions coming out of day 1. 

You will walk away from these  2 days with:

  • Clear marketing and sales strategies 
  • A marketing and sales campaign plan and communication schedule
  • A defined sales process
  • An understanding of your marketing and sales messaging based on conversion psychology
  • A key action plan with clarity on what you need to do, measure or resource and how

Next dates:19th November & 3rd December

Timings: 9am-5pm

Location: Wimbledon 

Also including 4 mega BONUSES….

Further support:


  • 2 x 60 minute follow up 121 calls (1 and 2 months after the 2 day event) to dive into any specific issue areas and be held accountable
  • Email access for the 12 weeks to ask questions and get feedback
  • Group forum to share successes, ask questions and learn from other business owners

Webinar Special Offer of £1400+VAT or 3 x £485+VAT.

7 days cooling off period where you will have a call with us to make sure this is right for you.  If not you can have your deposit back!


Website analytics review

Analysis of your website performance and identification of 5 key metrics that give insight into approach and priorities going forward.


SEO Audit

Giving you actionable steps you can implement to improve your ranking.


Marketing Message Review

Review of 3 marketing communication pieces i.e. website content, a flyer, a 60 second pitch and receive feedback and advice.


Time management training

‘How to manage busyness and optimise your time for maximum results’ Online training to help you get the most out of the programme and implement the learning whilst getting on with your usual day to day business activity.

Who is delivering this programme?

Beverley Corson, Director of Engineering Business Growth Ltd.


20 years of experience in sales and direct marketing.  Has sold £ Millions of pounds of business to SME’s and Corporates. 

Set up Engineering Business Growth 10 years ago and has since delivered 121 Marketing and sales strategy and campaign planning coaching and consultancy to small business owners. 

With her Business Partner run the “Next Level Business Clubs” where they run multiple clubs for businesses from a wide range of sectors and support their clients to achieve typically 20-100% growth year on year.

Specialties include: Marketing strategy, sales strategy, campaign planning, campaign concepts, marketing and sales messaging/content, marketing funnel planning, sales process, sales performance, asset creation (i.e. free resources), event campaigns, exhibition sales, networking training. Coaching/training programme development and delivery.

Ross Crawford, MD of Mr. Digital


Runs a successful digital marketing agency helping small businesses achieve big things, and he is the Founder of Pamtree, an easy-to-use mobile app for MLM professionals.

Over the past 3 years, Mr Digital has grown to a team of 15 digital marketing experts who help businesses of all sizes, and from all industries, to deliver a greater ROI from their marketing budgets. 

Some of their proudest moments so far include;

-Helping a previously unknown author achieve 3 Amazon Bestsellers

– Developing and optimising a website over a 3 year period, which saw the average monthly revenue more than double to over £45k!

– Generating an average of 235 qualified leads EVERY month for a large corporate client we work with. 

Specialities include: Digital marketing strategy, Lead generation, e-CRM strategy, Search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), Social media, Mobile marketing, Web design (HTML & CSS), User experience, Analytics (Google Analytics), Local marketing, Brand marketing, Budget management, Agency management, Event management, Public relations (PR), Network marketing, MLM, App Development


Together Ross and Beverley have a breadth and depth of experience that will ensure you have the support you need to excel as a result of this Marketing and Sales Accelerator.


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