'Strategy For Team Success' Workshop

Plan to resource and manage the team that will perform and achieve growth in your business.

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Transitioning into having a team, or building an existing team, as well as investing in all the supporting resources needed to grow, can be daunting and fraught with issues.  So it’s not surprising if there’s an element of fear that you might make a bad decision leading to a loss of money or business security.  It can be a risky undertaking for a small business owner.  This can then stop growth and result in a small business hitting a limitation where they can’t progress without making some important decisions about how to increase their capacity.   Are you at a point where you know you need to build a team in some way and invest in systems or resources to release pressure off yourself?  But what, who and how?

Is this for you?


This is for you if …

  • You are aware you need to grow your team but are not sure how
  • You would like a growth in sales but do not have the capacity to fulfill the needs
  • You are frustrated by the lack of engagement of your current team
  • You know YOU have to ‘step up’ to create growth but have not got a plan for it yet
  • You have assets and resources that are underutilised
  • Your business can’t run without you for long enough  for you to be on holiday without internet access
  • You don’t have the systems and processes in place to support growth and maximise efficiency
  • You want a team but don’t know what it should look like


Over the course of this day you will develop a ‘People Strategy’ to drive and support a new phase of growth in your business.  There will be the opportunity to identify your ‘dream team’ and think about how best to resource them, then plan the processes and resources required to achieve this. Through out the day you will be generating your leadership development plan to ensure you are ready to lead and manage a successful team and think about how to communicate your vision to engage a team that is responsible and wants to perform at their best.

'Strategy For Team Success' Workshop

Not available for the next date or don’t want to wait?  Get in touch to discuss the option of an in-company marketing and sales strategy and planning day where we can tailor this workshop to your business.  

Email beverley@engineeringbusinessgrowth.com, call 0203 1891287 or 07841 823568.

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