UNITE: High Performance Team Development – Training & Coaching Programme

Getting the team mechanics right for individual, team and business success is essential.


This programme combines two elements:


UNITE – Team Development Session


The objective of this element is to motivate and develop individuals and the team overall to optimise team performance. This will be an opportunity to…

  •  Consider the business vision and team objectives
  • Gain understanding of each others’ approach, preferences, challenges and differences
  • Negotiate new ways of working together for the better good of the business, the team, individual team members and clients
  • Improve key behaviours such as communication, negotiation, influence, teamwork and empathy
  • Evaluate the best ways of ensuring client expectations are met and over-exceeded

This will be a great chance to re-evaluate what is working, what’s not working, set a clear direction and make important improvements in order to excel.

DISCUS Personality and Team Profiling


Individual and team profiling is an invaluable way of enabling development of individuals and groups by identifying a team profile, as well as highlighting team and individual styles, strengths and development areas.

This process helps to shine a light on individual styles of communication, decision making, motivation and organisation & planning. These and the team report can instigate a team discussion around how best to operate with each other.  As a result there is an enhanced team performance.

How will this be delivered?

  1. Answer 24 multiple choice questions around which is most and least like you in the workplace
  2. Receive one to one feedback and your output report to keep
  3. Use findings to support learning and discussion (no detailed reports will be shared with other team members but top-line profiles will underpin group discussion to better understand team dynamics)

Individuals from all types of organisations find this extremely useful, even those that are initially cynical! If you think it might be time to invest in improving your teams performance then get in touch to discuss whether this programme is right for your business.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further.

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