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If you want to grow your business through increasing sales, you need to consistently generate qualified leads through your marketing efforts. Unfortunately this can be challenging and “feast and famine” can be the result, meaning business growth happens in fits and starts if at all.

Frequently time and money is invested in ad hoc marketing activity and various suppliers with unaligned solutions that deliver insufficient returns on the investment.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the marketing tactics you should, would could be doing but don’t consistently do. If you would like to generate more leads more consistently then this programme could be for you as you will:

  • Clarify your marketing and communication strategy for growth
  • Learn how to accelerate your marketing success through a targeted campaign approach
  • Create a marketing schedule so you know what you need to be doing on a weekly and daily basis
  • Improve conversion rates from your list into prospects and prospects into customers

This programme can also include sales strategy and coaching if relevant (see our ‘Maximising your sales performance’ coaching programme here).

Through this coaching programme your coach will be there for you, step by step, helping you to achieve more of what you want.  To support and encourage you, challenge and stretch you, to hold you accountable and kick you up the backside when needed!

If you want the opportunity to select the best marketing strategies for your business, integrate online and offline tactics in one joined up approach and be highly efficient in your markeing activity, then get in touch to see if this programme is for you.

In addition, for certain clients we will help you to clarify the above campaign, build it for you and then help you to deliver it.

This can include support in building your website or advising on you current marketing.

If this is of interest then get in touch and we can discuss your options.

FREE Strategy Call

When we were buying the service at Engineering Business Growth we were hoping to achieve a structured marketing plan to enable us to grow our business and target specific markets rather than just ‘doing marketing’ and hoping for the best.

As a result of the service we have now got a clear USP, clear guidelines for converting customers who are not quite sure whether they want to use us for their project and a structured marketing plan that we can replicate with other target markets.

We specifically liked it that the marketing strategy can be replicated for other target markets and is really simple and easy to do.

The service really helps you to focus on the structure of your marketing as well as looking at tweaks within your business to make small incremental improvements.

The service is delivered in a relaxed format, it’s really flexible so you can prioritise on the parts of the business that need to be focused on first and come back to the other parts later on and there’s lots of support within the session and between them..

I would thoroughly recommend Engineering Business Growth as it has really helped us to focus on what needs to be done within the business in order to increase sales and therefore profit and we have been extremely impressed with the whole experience we have received so feel that it has represented excellent value for money.

Stephen Taylor

Director, Taylored Room Solutions Ltd.

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