'Strategy For' Workshops


Strategy & Planning Days

“Beforehand, I was unsure how best to progress. I achieved clarity and insight into how to move forward and grow. It was inspiring and informative and broke down the processes to give better understanding. I left with enthusiasm and forward thinking and made business growth decisions relating to business, premises and employing others as a result”

SN, Nash Design

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Below are the ‘Strategy for’ workshops relating to the four vital focus areas when looking to develop and grow your business.  These can be delivered on a public or in-company basis:

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Why an image of a bridge?

Donghai Bridge is a 20 mile, 6 lane bridge over the sea and is one of the longest bridges in the world demonstrating engineering at it’s best with master design, project management and resources, fundamental in successfully bringing its vision to life.

It’s important to have a vision to create a successful business too.  Design it as best you can and then chunk backwards into the tiny details that let you know what you need to be doing on a day to day basis to bring the vision to life bit by bit.

These workshops are designed to help you bridge the gap between your vision and your daily actions so that over time you can work towards fulfilling your business ambitions.

Tailored In-Company Workshops & Programmes

All of these workshops can be tailored and delivered for an individual leadership team as one off days on an ad hoc basis.

Or they can be put into a development programme over a 3 month to 1 year period which can include any of the ‘Get Good At’ Workshops, individual assessments and/or coaching to support effective implementation of the learning guaranteeing results in the business.

There may be funding available towards this type of programme for a leadership team. CLICK HERE to find out more.

What do they involve?


These are 1 day intensive workshops where you attend with other business owners meaning you get the opportunity to brainstorm, share ideas and current challenges whilst being facilitated to work “on” your business.

You will leave with clarity of direction and next steps to move forward.

Events schedule


We are constantly reviewing our event schedule to ensure it delivers for our clients’ needs so do please let us know if you are interested in an event that is not scheduled on a public basis or not happening soon enough, just in case we have others saying the same.  Then we can make decisions as to what to add to the schedule when. Thank you.

Get in touch for our events schedule: info@engineeringbusinessgrowth.com

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Get in touch to find out more about our public workshop events and our tailored in-company 'Strategy For' workshops.

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