Whether as part of one to one coaching, within our Growth Implementation Groups or tailored in-house training & coaching, where appropriate we will use an assessment to give valuable insights for our clients.  You can also choose to take one of the assessments and get feedback as an adhoc service:

DISC based personality profiling, individual, team and relationship reports

Using the tried and tested DISC theory and assessment to consider your individual personality style  in relation to performance, sales, management, team dynamics and any relationship.

Leadership self assessment, 360 diagnostic and team report

Using a new model for leadership that brings together all the best thinking and research over the last 20 years providing a framework that can be used to take leadership to different levels. At the core it recognises that it is the connection that individuals make between who they are and what they need to do as leaders that is key to creating real shifts in leadership capability.

Talent Dynamics

The Talent Dynamics Profile assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour in order to determine how you add value and how you (and your team) can be more in “Flow”. Talent Dynamics is all about using and concentrating on individual and team strengths, passion and natural talent.  A team in flow is more productive. The profile test looks at what you and your team are good at and suggests ways that you can use those strengths to add value to the business and work together to improve team dynamics and increase the amount of flow in your group. The profile assesses each person, allowing you and your team to focus on your strengths and support each other in areas you aren’t naturally drawn to

To find our more about these assessments and how they can benefit you and your business then get in touch 0203 1891287 or email:

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