Once you have clarified your business purpose by reading the previous blog and answering the 20 Questions guaranteed to fuel the fire that will drive you to greater business success!  you should have a boost in your drive to achieve the next level in your business and move closer to fulfilling your purpose.  This is because these questions make you look beyond the challenges and obstacles you have in your way right now, that limit your expectations and can wear against your motivation. By looking towards what is possible and what you truly want it fuels the fire to make things happen, identify solutions and find a way.

But what is the next level for you?

It’s essential to have clarity on this otherwise how can you know what you are driving towards?

It’s all about starting with the end in mind.  In order to fulfil your purpose you have to create a vision for your business to enable you to do so.  For example if your business purpose is for it to fund your retirement, then what does the business need to look like for that to happen?  Or if the purpose of the business is to be the most known business in your field in London what does that look like by when?

Having a clear vision can act as a powerful draw towards what you want…

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.  The vision pulls you” Steve Jobs

For some people who can visualise quite far ahead could be seeing as far away as 10 to even 25 years away, and for those are not so farsighted may struggle to visualise into the future at all.

As a business owner it’s essential so we work with our clients to create a 3 year vision based on a logical development from where they are now (which for those 10-25 year vision people will be a milestone along the way to their ultimate vision).  This then makes it possible to chunk back from that into a 1 year strategy then from 1 year into the next quarter and into the next month so that it drives the right action to move forward to their desired results.

Basically we get our clients to focus on the next level in some way as it makes what can seem like an insurmountable mountain climbable by getting them to look at it one ledge at a time and in order to do that we get them thinking about what they want more of!

We do this using the next LEVEL acronym.  Look at this below and ask yourself what you want more of in and from your business…

LEVEL stands for Lucrative, Efficient, Values Driven, Enjoyable, Life Fulfilling.

L – Lucrative

More lucrative?  Ultimately we’re in business to make money, so one of the drivers needs to be how do I make more money? Thinking about this will drive all sorts of improvements in your business because it’s not just about charging more, it’s about being more profitable with what you are doing, attracting more customers etc…This can’t be the only driver, but it’s important

So how lucrative would you like your business to be and in what ways?  What does your business need to look like to achieve that?

E – Efficient

More Efficient?  Efficiency means systematisation and ultimately that means scalability. It is a key component in more lucrative – if you are more efficient it costs you less to get the same amount done, it means your business machine is working well. It means there are systems and processes in place which also means ultimately the business is scalable – it’s ready for growth.

So, what does more efficient look like in your business?  What systems, processes, people etc.?

Value Driven:

This has a duel meaning for us.

  • What is the golden rule in business – look after your existing customers. Your most valuable assets are the customers you’ve already got. So by focusing on how you can deliver more value to them, your going to have happy customers, and also ultimately probably customers who will shout more about you and will also be willing to pay more for your services – which takes us back to lucrative.

So what would your service look like when you are adding massive value to your customers and providing an excellent customer experience.  What do you want your retention of customers to be and what do you want them to saying about your business?

  • The second meaning is about it being aligned to your own values. If you start compromising your values in business, you ultimately stop believing in it. The business loses its identity and the identity is the brand. Then customers lose a sense of who you are and what you stand for – so keeping this at the centre is key.

What does your business look like and what is the experience of it when everyone is operating with your business values at the heart of everything?

E – Enjoyable

More enjoyable: We only have one life – so we want to work with clients who are always moving their businesses towards being more enjoyable. Ultimately this means getting to positions where they and their employees are doing what they most enjoy, which will ultimately lead to them working at their best.  This also leads to a positive culture with a focus on personal growth and fun as well as maximising performance.

What does your role look like if you are only doing what you love to do?  What will your team look like when everyone is working to their strengths and all enjoy working for your business?  What’s the environment and culture?

L – Life fulfilling

More life fulfilling: Ultimately your business is the vehicle you’ve chosen to fulfil your life purpose and achieve the lifestyle you desire. This is about making sure your business is ultimately delivering for a higher purpose for yourself; is it providing security for your family, is it enabling you to support a worthy cause, is it enabling you to reach your potential?  Also, is it enabling you to have enough time off for the things you love to do?  For health and well being in all areas of your life?

What do you want to get out of the business personally?

How to ensure this vision pulls you towards greater success?

So what’s come out of that next LEVEL exercise for you?  What is your next LEVEL vision? You must have more clarity on your vision now!

Now you need to identify a time frame for the next level and set SMART goals so you know what you are specifically working towards and by when.

At EBG we’re all about helping people clarify their purpose and vision to then identify the right strategies to driving towards more of what they want.  By doing this there can be absolute focus on what needs to be done on a day to day basis to move forward towards it.

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